PVC (Prisoner, Vacationer, Change-maker)

PVC (Prisoner, Vacationer, Change-maker)

Materials Needed:

  • PVC Model (Flipchart or Power point)



 PVC stands for Prisoner, Vacationer, and Change-Maker’

  • These are mindsets you can have in any given experience

Prisoner Mindset:

In this mindset you may feel trapped in a situation and completely unhappy. You are stuck in a situation and your not really trying to find a way out.

Vacationer Mindset:

In this mindset things are great, you feel fine, and you can just kick back and go for the ride. There are many things going on around you but your not really focused on what’s happening, your in your own world.

Change-Maker Mindset:

Change-Makers are able to assess their position in any situation, and work to change things so that they are making the most out of their



PVC Activity Suggestions

Facilitator Instructions

1. Create a list of scenarios that your participants may encounter in life and/ or on the program (i.e. “Going on family vacation”, “Completing a group project”, “Participating in this program”)

2.  Make three big signs, one each for Prisoner, Vacationer, Leader. Place the signs on three different walls of your program space (or on the floor or ground, depending on space available)

3.  Begin the activity by reviewing the PVC model with the participants (using the model displayed on a flipchart or PowerPoint slide). Ask participants to tell you what a mindset is, discuss the meaning of mindset and some common mindsets. Review the PVC model after they understand the meaning of ‘mindset’.

4.  One at a time, read out your list of prompts and have participants move to the sign that depicts their mindset in each scenario. 

5.  Once the participants have moved to a sign, you may choose to have them discuss their mindset with the others at that station, or explain their mindset to a group at a different station. 

6.  You may wish to ask participants what it would take for them to change their mindset in particular situations. Is it possible to change ones mindset in challenging situations? Why or why not?