People to People

People to People

 Time: 5 Minutes


Materials Needed:

  • N/A



  • Everyone must be in a pair for this activity.
  • The facilitator will make some calls on ways partners will connect. (i.e. hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder, back to back, etc…)
  • When the facilitator calls out one of these prompts, the pair must get into these positions as soon as possible.
  • When “People to People” is called you must separate from your pair and find another person to partner up with.



  • You must respond to the call as soon as possible.



  •  You can open up the calls to the participants.
    • If participants are uncomfortable with any of the positions called, they can revert to a standard touch (ex. hand to hand)
    • If you want to add a level of intensity you can say the last pair to get into position is out, and helps the facilitator judge for the rest of the rounds.