Time : 5-10 Minutes Group Size: 6-8

Materials Needed:

  • 1 index card per participant
  • 1 pen per participant


  • Distribute materials.
  • Ask participants to write one question on their card. (Question will relate to a prompt that you have, based on objectives around your program.)
  • Participants will mingle around the room sharing their questions with others.
  • After two participants share questions and responses they then swap cards with each other and find a new partner to meet up with and share their new question.


  • You must switch cards after providing your response to the other person’s question.
  • Encourage participants to mingle with people who they do not normally interact with.


  •  You can do this activity using up to 3 index cards.
  • Prompt examples:
    • A question you would like to ask someone you admire.
    • A question you would like to ask about life.
    • Ask one meaningful question, one funny question, and one creative question.