Count to 20

Running Time: 5 minutes Group Size: 5-20 Materials: None



A great activity to start a Communication block.  Force a group to re-think how they communicate as a unit.


Organize the group into one big circle


Count to twenty as a group.


To Begin

  1. One person begins by saying the number “1” out loud.
  2. Someone else says, “2” and so on until the group reaches 20.


  • The next person to say a number can’t be sitting next to the person who just spoke.
  • Two people can’t speak at the same time.
  • The group can’t speak except to call out the next number.
  • If any of these rules are broken, the group has to start over.
  • [optional] Everyone must close their eyes.
  • [optional] …


  • How did you end up communicating with each other?
  • Why was that activity difficult?


  • You can add more restrictions and try again depending on the group’s responsiveness.


energizer, communication, quick, no materials