Board Storm

Running Time: 10 minutes Group Size: 5-12 Materials: Music, Colored Markers, Flip-chart Paper


A chance to reflect on what we learned about today/during the program.  You get to see the experience you created for yourself


  • Flipcharts will positioned all around the room/gym, wherever there is a flipchart a group will positioned to face it. (you can mark this starting line by taping a piece of tape a few feet away from the flipchart.)
  • Have participants line up in their groups behind a flipchart (usually easiest to have a “double-file” line, i.e., two single file lines parallel to each other), hand markers to the first 2-3 people per group


Fill up the flipchart paper with your ideas and reflections based on the prompt.


  • Just like a brainstorm – an opportunity to dump out all the ideas in your head
  • Introduce prompt, e.g., What are the most impotant things your’re going to take away from today?  What is one thing that surprised you about the program?
  • When the music plays the first person can run up and start writing their reflections on the flipchart.
  • When they’re done, go and hand the marker to the next person in line and head to the back of the line, like a relay race
  • Keep going until the music stops!
  • Its fine if someone wrote something they thought of already


  • Have your group gather around the paper.  What do you see?  What surprises you?
  • Boardstorm Highlight: As a group, circle the 3-5 things you wrote that you think are the most important to remember.  Why are these important?  What do they tell you about the outcomes and impact of the program?


  • Try to use a high-energy song that isn’t popular participants will lose focus
  • You can use the Boardstorm Debrief or Boardstorm highlight as an introduction to a vision statement or goal setting for the group