Running Time: 10 minutes Group Size: 6-16 Materials: None


A silly group energizer that gets everyone moving and clapping. It’s a fun energizer for starting a program, and a good jumping off point to discuss PVC as some participants will definitely resist the Big Booty.


  1. Gather everyone in a circle
  2. Count off, one-by-one around the circle


  • Follow the rhythm of the Big Booty
  • Remember each-other’s numbers
  • Remember who’s still in the game.


  1. Raising both hands really high and yell, “OHHH!” Until everyone is doing it (Usually receives resistance in the first couple seconds)
  2. Introduce the knee-slap then clap then…
  3. Introduce the Song:
    1. Big Booty (3x)
    2. Big Booty (3x)
    3. Big Booty __ , Big Booty __ (
  4. As you can see there are two blanks, this activity is a high energy focus game, so the first blank you will say your number, the second blank is another number corresponding to someone else in the circle. You can’t pick the person right next to you.
  5. If your number is called, you have to continue the song, first with your number then someone else’s.
  6. If you mess up the beat or call a number that isn’t in the circle, then you have to step out and the game continues until there are only 4 people left


  • Some students will have a hard time letting loose and getting really into Big Booty. This is a good transition into PVC!


  • Start with a few practice rounds
  • Instead of numbers you can use people’s names


rhythm, icebreaker, energizer, no materials,