Running Time: 5-10 Minutes

Group Size: 6-8 per group/hoolahoop No MAX

Materials Needed: 1 Hula Hoop per group (about 6-8 per group max)



  • Start by having the group(s) to stand in a circle.
  • Have everyone tuck their thumbs in their palms, and surround their thumbs with all other finger except the index finger.
  • This should make their hands look like they are pointing forward.
  • To be in ready position they will have their hands in the position stated before and parallel to the ground.
  • As soon as the whole group is ready, the facilitator will place the hula hoop on everyone’s fingers
  • The objective is to bring the Hula hoop completely to the ground as a group



  • You can not let go of the hula hoop at any time, if you do you restart
  • You can not grab the hula hoop with your fingers



  •  If participants are successful you can encourage them to do it silently, and silently with their eyes closed.