Approximate Time:  30 – 40 minutes

Minimum Group Size: 4 people per group

Maximum Group Size: 12 people per group

Level: any

Space Required: Ideally, each group should have a table/chairs to work at and be separated from hearing other groups

Materials: colourblind pieces (5 colours, 6 shapes, total 30 pieces), enough blindfold for each person

Set-up: one facilitator per group, each group around a table or in a space where they can work without too much/any distraction from other groups


Purpose and Intention:

  • Acts as an ice breaker and leads to greater understanding between group members
  • Focuses upon individuals’ understanding of their communication style and listening skills, and in particular develops the use of appropriate language
  • Creates a territory in which the group must devise a strategy for progress
  • Highlights the need for both effective team and individual skills
  • Provides a fast route to powerful and transferable learning
  • Versatile enough to meet a wide range of learning objectives
  • Appropriate to any group with a shared language
  • Enhances listening and questioning skills
  • Develops participants feedback giving and receiving skills  

Objective: The participants must collaborate and communicate to determine which pieces are missing from the colourblind activity set. (a set of foam or plastic pieces in a variety of designated shapes) 

Methods of Support/ Guidelines:

Participants are blindfolded and the trainer then removes two of the coloured shapes from the bag and the remainder are given out to the blindfolded participants (1 – 3 per person depending on number in group).  The objective of the exercise is for the group to establish the shape and colour of the missing pieces.  Participants may not exchange or pass the pieces between group members.  The question, “What color is this?” will be answered by the facilitator, correctly, as many times as it is asked.  No other questions will be answered.  Give the group 15 minutes to complete the activity and keep note of the time.  If they complete the activity within 15 minutes, take note of their time so that they can attempt to better it next round.


After 15 minutes is up, give the group time (5 minutes) to strategise – what worked?  what didn’t work?  what will they do next time?  The group then has another attempt with the facilitator removing two different pieces from the set.  Can they complete the task this time or better their time from the first round?



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General Debrief Questions:

What worked well? 

What didn’t work well? 

What strategies did you use to help make your team more successful/efficient? 

How did you deal with any conflict that may have arisen?



Colourblind is a packaged game created and sold by RSVP Design. It can be purchased here: