Typical Grade Level:

  •  All

Typical Time Frame:

  • 15 Minutes

Materials Needed:

  • 3 sticky notes or index cards
  • 1 pen per participant 


  • Start off by having the participants sit in a circle
  • Discuss what a value means so everyone has a common frame around what a value is.
  • Have each participant write out their three top values (one per sticky note/ index card)
  • Participants will then have the opportunity to discuss the importance of each value (one at a time) with the given prompts.


  • When writing the values keep the values to yourself until given the prompt to share.
  • One value per sticky note/index card.
  • Power of choice: participants are not made to share; they have the option if they choose.
  • Values are shared only one at a time.


  • Frame a story around the experience to share (ie. We are on a hot air-balloon ride heading over some of the highest peaks: Kilimanjaro, K2 and Everest. At the smallest peak we have the opportunity to place our first values. What value will you place here for the world to see?.. Why did you choose this value? Etc… )

Circle of Values