Time: 5 Minutes


Materials Needed:

  • None



  • Start by having the group stand in a circle, and number off
  • Next introduce the way to start the activity which is:
    • Raising both hands really high and yelling OHHH! Until everyone is doing it (Usually receives resistance in the first couple seconds)
    • Then Introduce the Song:
      • Big Booty (3x)
      • Big Booty (3x)
      • Big Booty __ , Big Booty __ ( As you can see there are two blanks, this activity is a high energy focus game, so the first blank you will say your number, the second blank is another number that is in the circle. As you can see you have to pass the energy around by using the numbers)
      • NOTE: While singing big booty, you have to do a knee slap then clap motion to maintain the beat.



  • After doing 1 or 2 practice rounds you can be strict on these rules.
  • Must be on beat
  • Speak loudly so everyone can hear
  • If you miss, too slow, or people can’t hear you and everyone gets lost you must sit in your place for the rest of the round.



  •  You want to do this in a group from about 8-16 people, more or less than that you can play with these numbers but the dynamics wont work as well as it should.
  • This is a cool activity to do to learn peoples names quickly, just replace the numbers with names and play as its mentioned before.