Tarp Flip

The objective is to flip the tarp without any member of your team stepping off.

Everyone in the team starts by standing on the tarp.  No one is allowed to step off the tarp but the team must work out a way to turn it over.  If a team is successful, and an element of time and see how quickly they can do the challenge.

You may like to create a story to illustrate the activity (i.e., everyone is standing on a magic carpet and flying along but the landing instructions are on the other side of the carpet so you need to turn it over without anyone falling off).

No feet or body parts can touch the ground at any time.

Points (if facilitating Tarp Flip in a Challenge-O-Rama format):
10 points for every successful flip

Suggested Debriefing Questions:
What did your team find to be the most successful ways of working as a team?
What could you have done differently?