Cup Stack

The objective is to work as a team to create the highest free-standing stack of cups (or replicate the model stack of cups).

As a team, you must use the materials provided to construct the highest stack of cups as possible.  Materials should include: two rubber bands, pieces of string, cups.

Use a hoop or mark a playing space on the floor.  Imagine the hoop (or lines around the playing area) extends all the way up to the ceiling.  No part of your body may cross into the playing area.
You cannot touch the cups with your hands – you are only allowed to use the materials provided to your team.

Points (if running Cup Stack in a Challenge-O-Rama)f
5 points per tier of cups

Suggested Debrief Questions:
Did you encounter problems as a team?
How did you solve them?
Did you notice any people in your team taking on distinct roles?