Time: 5 Minutes


Materials Needed:

  • None



  • Start by having the group stand in a circle
  • The objective of this activity is to pass the “Ball of Focus” between Samurais
  • These are the ways you can pass the “Ball of Focus”:
    • Ha! : This is your main and primary move, in which you can pass the “Ball of Focus” to the right or the left of you. But only in one direction unless you hear “So!” If passing left your right goes over your body to pass it that way, if passing right your left hand goes across you body to pass it that way.
    • So! : This move allows you to reflect the “Ball of Focus” from one direction to another (Switch Directions).  If “Ball of Focus” comes from the left you can reflect with your right hand and the “Ball of Focus” goes back the same way it just came from, vice versa.
    • Haduken! : This move allows you to send the “Ball of Focus” from one side of the circle to the other side. The person the Haduken! Is sent to has a decision to make:
      • Receive the “Ball of Focus” and keep moving the “Ball of Focus” around the circle, or…
      • Denying the “Ball of Focus”  by saying No, No, No, No, No while extending their hand our and shaking their index finger side to side.
      • If the person denied the Haduken! then the person originally with it receives it again and has to figure out where to send the “Ball of Focus” to.


  • You must say and do the right action or your out
  • You can’t delay the energy or your out
  • You have to play with High Samurai Energy!



  •  A good way to play this is in several circles and if a person gets out they can play in another circle, you can do this for five minutes continuously.