Birdy on a Perch

Running Time: 10 minutes Group Size: 10 Minimum Materials: None


A great activity to get a group acting silly together. This is perfect for the beginning of a program.


  1. Organize the group into two concentric circles.
  2. Have participants partner with someone in the opposite circle.


Work quickly with your partner to be the last pair left in the game.


  • First describe the three moves:
    • Monkeys in the Jungle: the pair links arms and jumps around like monkeys while making monkey sounds.
    • Birdy on a Perch: one person gets on one knee, and their partner sits on it, flap their arms and “tweet! tweet!”s like a bird.
    • Lions in the Jungle: one partner gets on their knees  on the floor and holds their hands up as if they were ready to scratch, and the other stands behind their partner with their hands in the same position. Both partners roar like a lion.
  • To start the round, both circles start jogging in opposite directions, all singing, “Animals in the Jungle EH OH, EH OH!…”
  • When facilitator will call out a move, “BIRDY ON A PERCH!” the participants find their partner and act out the move as quickly as possible.
  • The last pair to do the move is eliminated. They can help the facilitator judge.
  • Continue until there is only one pair left.



  • Was it hard to be silly in front of your friends? Why? Did it get easier?



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