Time : 5 Minutes Group Size: 10

Materials Needed:

  • N/A


  • Evolution has four stages: which are displayed through actions: (which can be created and modeled by the participants.)
    • Egg
    • Chicken
    • Dinosaur
    • Superhuman
    • All participants begin as eggs
    • The purpose of evolution is for everyone to become super humans
    • Participants can evolve through successfully winning a round of rock paper scissors (rock, paper, scissors, shoot).


  • If you win a round you may move up to the next level. (ie. Egg to chicken)
  • You may only play with participants who are at the same level as you (ie. Dinosaurs vs. dinosaurs)
  • If you lose a round you do not down grade, you remain at the same level (you do not move down levels).


  • ┬áCan also be restructured around PVC model (i.e. evolve through prisoner vacationer, change-maker). Addressing the differences in energy of the room and how participants felt.