Approximate Running Time: 15-20 minutes

Minimum Group Size: 1 person

Maximum Group Size: 1000 + people

Age/ Level: All

Space Required: Enough space for all participants to sit comfortably, and space for each group to post their chart paper and move around it.



– Approximately 8-10 sticky notes per participant

– 1 pen/ pencil per participant

– Chart paper (1 per group)

– Markers (2-4 per group)



Create group “stations” by laying out flipchart paper, sticky notes (enough for approx 8 per participant), and markers.



The objective of this activity is for participants to consider an idea/ prompt/ reflection in an interactive and visual/ kinetic way.
Facilitator Guidelines

  1. Invite participants to sit with their groups around their flipchart paper and sticky notes.
  2. Tell the participants the prompt that you have planned prior to the program. For example: “What makes you a leader?”
  3. Ask participants to write their responses on the sticky notes provided, one response per sticky note.
  4. After they write their responses ask the groups to gather their sticky notes together and then categorize the ideas that they have.
  5. When they have categorized their ideas ask them to showcase the order of importance of the responses through an illustration on their flipchart paper. This illustration will serve as a measuring tool for the responses theuy had for the prompt. The illustrations can be absolutely anything. Examples from previous groups include: hamburgers, ice cream sundaes, beaches, thermometers, dinosaurs, etc).
  6. When the groups have completed their designs give them an opportunity to share with the rest of the participants.


Facilitation Variations:

You may wish to provide them with time to display their designs on the walls and wander around the gallery of designs, before you have a group discussion about them.


General Debrief Questions:

 What is on your drawing?

Why did you choose those designs/ images?

What do those images represent?

Why did you choose those ideas over others?

Are everyone’s ideas represented?

What is the most important concept or idea represented on your group’s drawing? Why?