Rope Knot

The objective is to untie all the knots in the rope as a team.

Every member of the team must grab a piece of the rope with one hand.  The challenge is to work together to untie as many of the knots on the rope as possible without anyone letting go of the rope.

While doing the activity, the hand chosen to hold the rope must remain on the rope until the activity is done or the time limit is reached.

If anyone lets go of the rope, the knots will be re-tied and your team will need to restart.

Points (if using in a Challenge-O-Rama):
3 points for every knot untied – there should be a total of 10 knots on the rope to start.

Facilitator Role:
Answer any questions.  Enforce parameters.  Award points.  Facilitate debrief.  Encourage team to solve the challenge 100% on their own.

Suggested Debrief Questions:
What happened?
What worked well?
What didn’t work well?
What does effective communication look like?
When is effective communication important?