Pot o’ Gold

A high-energy game that encourages collaboration for all to be successful.

Warp Speed

An extended group juggle activity that focuses on problem-solving and team work.

Game of Life

The objective of the Game of Life is for everyone to stay in the Game of Life.

People Movers

It might seem straight-forward, but can you and your team get to the other side?

Magic Boots

These boots are made for walking… Only not by the same person more than once!

Leadership Sherpa

A sighted person leads a group of blind-folded people on a mystery journey, often involving a series of obstacles and challenges.


 Time: 5 Minutes   Materials Needed: None   Instruction […]

Big Booty

Time: 5 Minutes   Materials Needed: None   Instructions […]

Word Whip

High-paced personal reflection from each participant.


Running Time: 5-10 Minutes Group Size: 6-8 per group/ho […]

Circle of Values

Typical Grade Level:  All Typical Time Frame: 15 Minute […]

Group Draw

 Time: 10 Minutes Group Size: No max Materials Needed: […]


 Time : 5 Minutes Group Size: 10 Materials Needed: N/A […]


  Typical Grade Level:  All Typical Time Frame: 5 […]